Senior Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, Prof. Ransford Gyampo has hit out at President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo over his ‘You are lucky to have me as President’ comment.

The President while on his tour in the Savannah Region expressed shock that the Yapei-Kusawgu District was still underdeveloped.

The president wondered how the district has no secondary school and some communities still not connected to the national grid.

“But Yagbonwura, you are lucky, you have me as the President of Ghana. I’m going to do it for you. In the same way, no secondary school, no Senior Technical School, in the whole of Kusawgu area, ahhh, eiiiiiii,” President Akufo-Addo remarked.

He added, “Yagbonwura I’m not here in a campaign, but I think I have said enough for you and your people Kusawgu to think about your vote in 2024.”

Reacting to the ‘You are lucky to have me as president’ comment, Prof. Ransford Gyampo says it is the most unnecessary statement ever made in the history of Ghana’s fourth republic.

“You are lucky to have me as President”- This is the most unnecessary statement ever made in the history of Ghana’s Fourth Republic. 3kom de nipa a, wose we are lucky. It is our fault. We’ve insulated leaders from the very problems they are to solve,” Prof. Gyampo shared on his Facebook wall.

According to him, the person who drafted the speech for the President must be sacked for the display of incompetence.

“Respectfully, you don’t mock the people suffering economic hardships and miserization by telling them how lucky they are to have you as President, Sir. Enduring hardships isn’t luck. Please sack the one who wrote this for you, for incompetence,” Prof. Gyampo noted in a separate post.


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