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Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your interest in placing adverts on OBAAH RADIO. Our prices are SUPER CHEAP at the moment. This is because we just kicked off with Advert placement on our site.
We offer a range of advertising options to suit most budgets and you can be sure that your advert is reaching a highly targeted audience.


The best thing about advertising online and promoting your product or service at is that you are able to measure the performance of your advert. has a monthly unique visitors of over 2,500,000 Million and generating monthly pageviews of  3,800,000 Million. today is one of the major sources of news, be its Entertainment Reviews, socio-politics, Sports, health and wellness, and more. Topical Issues in Ghana are always featured on our site.

Special Coverage

We can also create a dedicated advertorial page on, with a linking advert on the home page, to give in-depth coverage of such items as major new product launches. Contact us to discuss options. All adverts can contain links to your website.
Booking PeriodsThe minimum booking period is one month. Six-month bookings receive a 15% discount. 12-month bookings receive a 20% discount.


Our adverts range from background adverts, promoted stories, in-article banners, and links, and all other site banners. We also cover album launches, movie premieres, press conferences, and all other needs such as exclusive interviews, movie reviews, service reviews to developing content around your product or service. Our packages are unlimited.


How do you Advertise / Make Payment? To advertise or to get more information call our hotline on +39 327 283 5688 or +39 389 192 8306 or send an email to and we would then send you details of available slots and durations.
We look forward to doing business with you.