Another beef is grilling hot from the camps of Amerado and Kofi Mole.

Just when people thought Kofi Mole may have ignored Amerado’s diss to him on his ‘Kyibom’ track, the ‘Don’t be Late’ hitmaker has hit back in a couple of tweets.

The Ghanaian Rappers Amerado and Kofi Mole have taken took shots at each other in a tweet fight on Saturday.

This has left many music fans wondering if there would be a rap battle between them in the coming weeks.

The fight happened months after Amerado first jabbed Mole on his song titled, Kyibom which he explained was a free hype for Mole. He called out Lyrical Joe and Mole for attempting to rub shoulders with him, indicating the two are no match for him.

Lyrical Joe replied at the time and the two of them engaged in a rap battle while Kofi Mole kept mute.

However, on Saturday, Mole decided to reply with a tweet, claiming Amerado is fake. “I’m too ayongo for your Rolex,” he tweeted.

Amerado responded by describing Kofi Mole’s career as ‘dead.’ “Your career make too beans for your gari,” Amerado tweeted.

However, Kofi won’t back down as he tweeted again calling Amerado a fake version of Sarkodie.

“Till you stop being a fake Obidi, you will never have a career @Amerado_Burner. Banku artist,” he wrote.

It would be recalled that when Amerado released Kyibom, his first diss song to Lyrical Joe, he also threw salvos at Kofi Mole.

In the meantime, Amerado is preparing to release his new GINA album on 25th October 2022.

The two musicians trended on social media on Saturday into Sunday as a result. While some Twitter users trolled them others took sides and argued over which of them is the best rapper and who has more hit songs.


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