Nadisco Foundation is a foundation founded on the principle of Justice and equality both for the vulnerable in society and all classes of people.

Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) of Nadisco Foundation

Based in Africa but, the non-profit humanitarian organisation seeks to provide equal playing field of opportunities to the rather talented but underprivileged who lacked the shoulders to lean on to greatness.

Nadisco Foundation Provides Reading Material To The Less Privileged

One of the sole purpose the foundation was established and seeks to champion, particularly in the rural areas.

It is sad to note that the percentage of people who are vulnerable far exceed  those who are living well and above the poverty threshold.

Nadisco Foundation has for the past years worked with passion to help in salvaging the standards of living amongst the vulnerable in Ghana and within the footprints of the foundation in West Africa and beyond.

Nadisco Foundation has so far fed the hungry, facilitated the healthcare of the sick,malnourished and given protection to both the aged and infants.

These constitutes the main priority of the foundation amongst others.

Because NF does not only wants to provide fish without teaching how to fish for, Nadisco Foundation also specilises in the empowerment of women with workable skills which is expected to earn them a decent living.

Nadisco Foundation also offers Pro  bono legal services in relation to women who seem to be oppressed by society.

The foundation is an international organisation which urgently seeks to fight for the rights of vulnerable people in the world with the major focus on Africa.

Furthermore the foundation embarks on the drilling of boreholes  in less privileged societies including villages in need of clean water, planting of trees, and the lastest addition is the  covid-19 relieve programs,persons with disabilities and support system for widows.

Nadisco Foundations Drills Borehole For A Deprived Community

The main objective of the foundation is to put smiles on the faces of the less privileges in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

Nadisco Foundation supports the needy, poor and less privileged.

Nadisco Foundation is here to serve humanity.


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