Wanlov the Kubolor has expressed a desire to walk around naked, similar to some mentally challenged individuals.

Wanlov is known for his unique fashion sense, which frequently involves him wearing minimal clothing. He revealed that he is jealous of mentally challenged people because of the freedom they have to walk about naked.

In a recent interview with, Wanlov said, “I am jealous of mad people. I’m like, why are you walking around naked and no one cares? People would stop caring if I did it right now… [pause]… maybe if I did it for a long time.”

Wanlov went further to suggest that he might have to fake a mental illness to avoid prosecution.

Additionally, Wanlov explained why he prefers wearing minimal clothing. He stated that the human body is like an air conditioning system that works by sweating, and when the breeze comes into contact with the sweat, it quickly cools the body down.

However, when someone wears clothes and the wind blows against the sweat-soaked clothes, the effect is not the same.



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