Kumawood actress and producer, Joyce Boakye has slammed Mona Gucci in a new post in a manner that shows the latter is a top-notch ashawo and slays queen.

According to Joyce, Mona is so cheap that any man can get in between her legs with just ₵2.00. She further said Mona’s honeypot is so ‘loose’ and ‘desperate’ that she has drastically her hookup fee to an unbelievable low price mentioned previously.

We are yet to know what instigated this reignited beef and establish who actually threw the first punch.

In the meantime, those of us who enjoy it most when these so-called celebs dirty each other on social media are waiting patiently for Mona to launch an epic clap back.

In the same vein, Diamond Appiah recently returned with more fire aimed at her new nemesis Mona Gucci for daring to slam her in defense of Mzbel when she (Diamond) attacked her (Mzbel) recently.

The squabble between the two started when the Onua TV presenter questioned Diamond for ridiculing Mzbel shortly after her father passed on.

Recall that in a series of distasteful posts Diamond shared, she was captured reveling in Mzbel’s misery over the loss of her father which now makes her an orphan.

One of her posts reads; “Chorkor orphan in the building. Awww we serve a living God ampa, what they wish for us will be their portion. Masree asu” with laughing emojis.

Her posture received wide condemnation from Ghanaians prompting Mona Gucci to join the fray and shove Diamond for being insensitive

A furious Mona blurted out, ““Dymond Appya”—my name is Mona Gucci….and am saying bring your DILAPIDATED self here..this minute!!— sorry the cameras captured the real you..without filter—have u looked in the mirror lately?..

“I bet u haven’t…cuz u’ll realize that u are aging n the last thing u need is hatred n bitterness—towards a fellow human…what in God’s name is wrong with u? Rejoicing over the death of someone’s father? aahhh are u ok?”.

In a new post, Diamond in her usual fiery demeanor shot back using all sorts of demeaning words at Mona Gucci.

The screenshot says it all;


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