Christiansborg Archaeological Heritage Project Director, Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann has said it is necessary to re-write a country’s history through discovering of artifacts and remains of early occupants.

Speaking at an archaeological excavation at christiansborg castle, she said she hope to have the artifacts discovered displayed at the museum as part of the government initiative announced in 2016 to avert the castle into a museum to display and reserve  the rich heritage of Ghana.

The Christiansborg archaeological heritage project started in 2014 of which 180,000 artifacts discovered so far.

Some of the discoveries includes smoking pipes, ceramics, bottles, hoes and some of which majority are imported objects.

Technical advisor in charge of France Ghana higher education cooperation and research, Sonia Couprie, PhD also said the France Embassy is committed in supporting the project which falls in line with their Sankofa education and research in the sphere of heritages and tourism.

Some of the workers also shared their experience working on the site.


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